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Heating systems


When thinking about a new heating system, you should take your time in considering what is best for you and your home. From small one bedroom flats, to the largest of domestic houses, I focus on installing practical heating systems that have been designed according to your needs.

feet on radiator

Heating system services

I focus on ensuring your home is comfortable and warm by providing the following heating system services and support:

  • design

  • installation

  • repair

  • maintenance

  • fault-finding

  • professional advice

Things to consider when planning a new heating system

What type of heat emitter do you plan on having?

Traditionally, radiators were the heat source of choice but with the increasing use of underfloor heating in residential properties (and the cost and energy efficiency benefits that it provides) this is a very attractive option and should be considered where possible.

What timescale are you working with?

The amount of time you have available for a new heating system to be designed and installed will greatly effect the options you have, as well as the outcome.

Have you considered zoning the heating system to improve energy efficiency?

Zoning different areas of a house according to usage will result in a more comfortable living environment, as well as improved efficiency and reduced costs.

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