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Underfloor heating (UFH)


Once deemed a luxury, and a system best suitable for grand properties, underfloor heating has come a long way in terms of affordability and suitability to retrofit.

The benefits of underfloor heating are numerous, but most appreciated is the comfortable room temperature it creates due to the low, evenly spread heat that it emits. This is hugely different to the convection currents and draught that radiators create. Additionally, the ability to zone off individual rooms and areas contributes to the efficiency benefits of underfloor heating.

I have experience of installing a variety of different systems suited to different floor types and construction methods, and I am also experienced in the correct integration of underfloor systems into existing radiator circuits.

Low-Profile Underfloor Heating System

A low-profile underfloor heating system is one that has been designed so it can be installed over an existing timber or concrete floor.

low profile underfloor heating
screed underfloor heating

Screed Underfloor Heating System

With a screed UFH system, a liquid similar to concrete is poured and once solidified, acts as a heat store for the heating system.

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